My name is Daniel Armyr. I love working with teams of people as a way to achieve things that would otherwise not be possible.

I have coached teams since I was 16 years old. Time and again I have seen empowered teams mature to perform miracles once they were given the right circumstances.

But I have also built with my own hands. I have developed both hardware and software. I have worked both as a long-term employee and as a consultant. I have worked both in the highly regulated MedTech industry and at the breakneck pace of software startups disrupting entire industries.

Where I am today

I am the CTO of Conversy, an AI startup disrupting how we work with spoken audio through biometric transcription.

How I got there

Six years of of startup software development management


My greatest achievement so far is having been the guide on the ground for the engineers at the digital book service Nextory. During my time there, Nextory achieved year after year of consistent triple- and high double-digit customer growth and industry-leading employee engagement.

My most valuable lesson so far has been how to take a cross-cultural, cross-continent team of engineers and turn them into a cohesive, trusting unit that delivers fantastic results.

Six years of consultancy and technical sales support in data analysis

Data Analysis

My greatest achievement was being part of the team that in one shot enabled all Swedish university staff to use parallel Matlab on all of the major Swedish university supercomputers, a first of its kind sale.

My most valuable lesson was how to dive in behind the requirements and really understand the true need of the end user.

I also taught advanced and clean code for data analysis, including this presentation:

Six years of hardware development in the MedTech industry


My greatest achievement was being lead engineer for the PeriCam PSI product that I took from pre-study to product launch, and it is still actively being sold.

My most valuable lesson was the importance of creating designs that are easy to produce and don’t require service.

Six years as scout leader

Scout Leader

My greatest achievement was as an adult later in life when I designed and then helped manage the scullery for the 2011 World Scout Jamboree that washed the dishes for 10,000 staff eating three times per day, all done completely with volunteers with no prior industry experience.

My most valuable lesson was how a group of ordinary individuals truly can form a team that achieves miracles, if given the right support.

For a more traditional version…

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