The Monitor Celestra (2013)

The Monitor Celestra is a technology enhanced science-fiction Nordic Live Action Roleplaying Game about cultural and personal conflict in the shadow of the destruction of the twelve colonies of mankind.

This is the story of one of the ships in the surviving rag-tag fleet and there is a reason you have never heard it. It’s the story of The Celestra, last of the Monitor-class ships. This is the true story of the 13th Cylon model and the real reason the universe finally found peace, a story you can never watch or read. It’s a story you must live. [1]

At its time, one of the most ambitious LARPs to have ever been done. The experience of running an actual space ship was enhanced through fully functioning navigation, weapons, and hull integrity consoles.

My contribution was to code the underlying physics engine that underpinned the navigation, detector and missile launch systems.

It was coded in Ruby, using Test Driven Development. The module was used in at least 3 runs of the game and no bugs surfaced during either of those runs. (Private Repo)